Ode to Hednesford

by Janice Taylor

I’m just a born-and-bred Brummie
With Bull Ring and shops in my head;
I’ve loved it since I had a dummy
But I came to Hednesford instead

I knew that you had an old Raceway
And miners had once worked a pit;
I saw on a map where the Chase lay
But thought it was “up North a bit”

Our friends said “You’ll not last through Monday”
“They’re 40 years back in the past”;
“The buses don’t run on a Sunday”
“The trains don’t get anywhere fast”

But the years have long passed since I found you
Community-driven and proud;
Many good things still surround you
So just let me say them out loud

Your hard-working roots are no mystery
You still know that manners are free;
I haven’t your knowledge of history
But I know that I like what I see

Where else are the streets any cleaner
And everything’s all close to hand;
Environment thinking is greener
And regeneration is planned

I love Hednesford Town and its flowers
The clock with its old-fashioned chime;
A place to relax and it’s ours –
Hold on to your “step back in time”.


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