Poetry Collection Exhibition

With special thanks to Stafford District Arts Council and local Artist & Poet Dawn Jutton, we are able to share a slice of the Staffordshire Poetry Collection through an exhibition of photographs and limited edition postcards; combining visual arts and poetry inspired by Stafford and its surrounding areas. The exhibition is currently on display at Stafford Library until the end of October.

‘Expressing ideas through written and visual responses to the landscape is a consistent theme in my practice as a fine artist and writer, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to be inspired by these wonderful poems and create images to accompany the launch of the Staffordshire Poetry Collection.
From the start I decided I should let the poets’ words do the driving and allow my images to become passengers on an enjoyable adventure across Staffordshire. I read each poem several times absorbing the words or sentiments so they could become internal echoes that influenced my subject selection and composition while on location.
As an ‘old school’ photographer I love the challenge of taking monochrome images and have a ‘lo-fi’ attitude to photography, even when using digital. I felt this approach would help the images to quietly float alongside the words’.

Dawn Jutton
facebook.com/dawnjuttonphoto  blog. camera-obsqura.blogspot.co.uk


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